Dropoff Program

Maybe you live beyond our range for pickups or maybe you’d rather compost on your own time at a lower cost.

Then the dropoff program is for you!

Save your food scraps from the trash. Then, as you’re going about your life, just swing by the dropoff station nearest you to drop them off.

From there, Soil Cycle does the dirty work, servicing the stations and composting the collected loads at the Westside Community Garden and the Hillside Hub neighborhood food center in collaboration with resident growers. A season later, growers feed finished compost to their beds, boosting fertility in the soil where they grow food for sharing among families and neighbors.

Eat, compost, grow, repeat. That’s the cycle.

Dropoff Membership

Sliding scale subscriptions $9 - $15 / mo

You get:

  • Code to the dropoff station of your choice

  • “Can be compost this?” sign

  • Unlimited dropoffs, any time

  • Monthly newsletter on local food, recycling and farming

Red points = dropoff stations

Don’t see one in your neighborhood? Email nat@coloradospringsfoodrescue.org to suggest a new location.

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