🌀 Food, full-circle 🌀

Recycling your food from scraps to soil — a process known as composting — is kinda intimidating. Remember that compost pile in your backyard that you had to shovel, even in the snow? Maybe the pallets collapsed and your spouse no longer found it endearing? (It’s OK! She forgives you.) But, guess what? Doing the right thing doesn’t have to suck.

Now, you can compost conveniently with Soil Cycle. Think of us as your third bin: you’ve got a trash can for garbage; a recycling bin for recyclables; and, now, a cute upcycled bucket for your compostables.

Soil Cycle uses electric cargo bikes to collect your compostables and haul them to our processing partners — a network of community gardens and urban farms dispersed throughout our community. Together, we co-manage small-scale composting systems to transform your food scraps into dark, rich compost using best practices to maintain tidy, innocuous and discrete sites.

Our partners get to use some finished compost (known as “black gold” in these circles) to grow food for their families, neighbors and donation via CSFR’s Fresh Food Connect — a program that freely distributes locally-grown produce to people who experience hunger. Some finished compost also goes back to our members for personal use (think happy houseplants, gardening escapades or water-wise landscaping) or for donation to other local food producers. This maximizes the health benefits of composting — for people and planet — right here in our proverbial backyard.


Curbside Pick-ups - Available within the pictured service territory. Outside it? Pledge interest to bring a route to your ‘hood.

  • Residential - See details and sign-up below.

  • Commercial - Offices, cafes, coffee shops, etc. Get in touch for an estimate.

Drop-off Program - Coming Summer 2019! Pledge interest for updates and pre-sales.

Workshops - Vermicomposting 101: Build your own worm farm! Available upon request.

Curbside Compost Pick-ups: Residential Service

weekly ($32/mo) or biweekly ($20/mo), with $10 refundable deposit for supplies

You get:

  • A composting kit: 5-gallon bucket, 3-gallon ventilated countertop basket + roll of compostable bags (you re-up on bags thereafter)

  • An introduction to composting, including a stick-on reference for those times when you’re wondering “can I compost this?”

  • Pickups on Tuesday

  • Compost kickbacks twice a year (starting a season after joining, to allow for processing time)

    See Terms of Service for more detail.

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